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Our Approach to Saving You Energy

Every business manager is concerned with increasing sales in order to increase profit. Yet, there exists in most businesses an opportunity to earn a very substantial profit without increasing advertising, labor, inventory, or facing longer work days. But, our clients have also said, "Sure, we'd like to reduce our electricity costs to increase our profits, but not at the expense of our 'bread and butter' business. We don't want any adverse effects that would interfere with our routine business or with our facility's environment."

Because we listen to our clients, we have adopted a unique approach to electricity cost reduction. We have found that, when properly done, electricity cost reduction can yield a rate of return far higher than almost any form of investment (including perhaps, the business you're in). Based upon the requirements of thousands of clients, we have developed methods and technologies that are passive and do not require the participation of the client (or employees) to get results, yield high rates of return, have many valuable benefits in addition to electricity use reductions (for instance, improved facility power quality), and will not be noticed when implemented.


  • Full System Approach (Maximize savings/minimize cost and payback period).
  • We employ proven technologies to accomplish the savings goals. These are not energy management techniques but mostly passive, non-intrusive technologies that do not require facility operational changes.
  • We assemble most of our own technologies-in most cases our customers are not at the mercy of “tiered” suppliers.
  • Our installations are turnkey, fixed price (all materials, labor, warranty, and guarantee included).
  • Dedicated site management and single POC.
  • Provide measurement and verification support during payback cycle
  • Our installations provide other, related benefits (reduction in maintenance costs, improved equipment operation, extended life, etc.).
  • Many of the technologies we apply (such as lighting) qualify for tax credits and rebates.
  • Our systems not only save energy but reduce our customers’ carbon footprints.
  • Provide electrical energy savings and power quality solutions applied to the existing electrical system (no wholesale replacements which generates short payback periods).
  • Non-disruptive, custom built technology that “treats” equipment, air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting, and provides power quality solutions.
  • Experienced at Measurement & Verification (M & V) of savings using sub meters and IPMVP protocols.



Typical Savings ranges vary and are significant:

Area (Load Group) Range of Savings
Equipment 2%-14%
Air Conditioning 12%-40%
Refrigeration 15%-50%
Lighting 20%-60%
VFD's 5%-15%

*Note: These are percentages of the load “mix” in the facility (e.g. if lighting is 10% of the utility bill, the “bill” savings will be between 2% - 5% for lights)